It’s Nice That


Photographer Josh Cheuse on hanging out with Joe Strummer and having a great life

Normally we have to scrabble about, beg, or leave hampers on doorsteps of famous photographers in order to interview them. By some divine miracle, Creative Director of Sony Music and absolutely legendary music photographer Josh Cheuse came knocking on our door. Would we mind posting about his work in the lead-up to his solo show in New York? Certainly not. Could we ask him some questions about his spectacular firework of a life hopping across the pond and back again to photograph some of the world’s most famous musicians? Sure.

Josh’s shots are what music photography should be about: intimate snapshots of the famous in quiet moments that could only be captured by those close to their hearts. We asked him some questions about his time spent with The Clash, his new show, and what photography has meant to him in his life.

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